The THERADNET project is an innovative training network with the goal to integrate novel-emerging tumor-biological concepts into current standard-of-care to improve the outcome of radiotherapy-treated cancer patients. Approximately 50% of all cancer patients in Europe have an indication for radiotherapy at least once during the course of their disease, with an absolute number of patients steadily increasing assuming overall cancer rates remain unchanged. Advances in the modern radiotherapy could greatly increase chances of surviving cancer and improve the quality of life of treated patients.

THERADNET improves collaborative scientific action for researchers interested in radiotherapy. THERADNET covers a research program across 21 academic and non-academic, industry partners and brings together a multidisciplinary faculty of scientists and research-oriented clinicians who are well qualified and experienced in supervision.

THERADNET will prepare a new generation of highly competent and translational research-oriented early-stage researchers to expedite discovery and clinical translation in radiation research and oncology.  With a view to finding novel strategies to cure cancer through radiotherapy, THERADNET will integrate novel radiobiological insights into clinical and technological approaches.

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