General Information

Université Catholique de Louvain, or UCL for short, is Belgium’s largest French-speaking university and welcomes over 32,000 students in seven locations across Brussels and Wallonia. UCL is also an international university, with 25% of its teaching staff, 47% of its research staff and 18% of its students being international. UCL favours an environment conducive to scientific creativity, scientific commercial development, and a balance between research and teaching. With a Nobel Prize, 21 Francqui Prizes (the “Belgian Nobel”) and numerous annual projects funded by European framework initiatives, UCL remains at the forefront of innovation.

UCLouvain’s hosting lab is that of Dr. Pierre Sonveaux, who is the director of the team Tumour Metabolism (TUMETABO) and a principal investigator at the pole of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (FATH). The major focuses of the Sonveaux lab include metabolic symbiosis in cancer, lactate-induced angiogenesis, mitochondrial superoxide in tumour metastasis, and targeting cancer metabolism for anticancer therapy.