For  more details about THERADNET or to get in touch please contact the Management Team or one of the members of the individual beneficiary sites/partners:

Management Team

Prof. Martin Pruschy : Network Coordinator -

Prof. Verena Jendrossek : Deputy Network Coordinator -

Prof. Ludwig Dubois : Deputy Network Coordinator -

Jonas Oehler : Project Manager -

Dr. Helge C. Johannssen : Project Manager -

Beneficiary Sites / Partners

University of Zürich

Prof. Martin Pruschy :

University Hospital, Essen

Prof. Verena Jendrossek :

Dr. Johann Matschke :

Maastricht University

Prof. Ludwig Dubois :

Prof. Marc Vooijs :

Université Catholique de Louvain

Prof. Pierre Sonveaux :

University of Oxford

Prof. Geoffrey Higgins :

Prof. Katherine Vallis :

Oncoray, Dresden

Prof. Nils Cordes :

Dr. Anne Vehlow :

Institut Curie

Dr. Marie Dutreix :

Prof. Pierre-Marie Girard :

Prof. Celio Pouponnot :

West German Proton Therapy Center Essen

Prof. Beate Timmermann :