General Information

Anouk conducted her BSc in biology in the Netherlands followed by a MSc in radiation biology at the University of Oxford, UK. Within the THERADNET network, her project focuses on cellular and molecular consequences of AsiDNA in combination with FLASH radiotherapy on healthy tissues and tumour cells. More specifically, she will be examining mechanisms driving resistance, and the possible protective effect of AsiDNA on normal tissue. Additionally, she will be developing tumour spheroid models in order to elucidate FLASH toxicity in tumours. Furthermore, she is the ESR representative within the THERADNET network and a board member of ‘‘PhD students in Oncology Association’’ at Université Paris-Saclay. Additionally, she is a mentor in the “1000 Girls, 1000 Futures program” 2020-2021 at the New York Academy of Sciences where she provides support for the next generation of girls in STEM.