General Information

Justin received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto (Canada) in human physiology and human biology. Then, he received his master’s degree in physiology and molecular biology from the University of Toronto (Canada) at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he studied the functional role of progesterone receptor isoforms on the gap junction protein Cx43. After graduating, he worked as a research technician at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre where he aided the development of bispecific antibodies to target patients with recurrent multiple myeloma.

As a PhD student in the THERADNET network, Justin’s project focuses on how low-dose irradiation promotes mitochondrial stress in breast cancer, and thus how irradiation-induced mitochondrial dysfunction may induce breast cancer metastasis. Furthermore, he hopes to elucidate how tumorigenic point mutations in common oncogenes (KRAS, p53, myc) destabilize mitochondrial function and thereby dysregulate cancer metabolism.