General Information

Eleanor completed her undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Bristol (UK) in 2018 and further achieved a master’s degree in molecular and cellular biosciences from Imperial College London (UK) in 2019. Then she moved to Paris and started her PhD in January of 2020.
Eleanor’s project within THERADNET is ‘Escape from Radiotherapy in Group 3 Medulloblastoma’ and the research project is based at the Curie Institute in the ‘Tumor Signaling and Progression’ team of Dr. Celio Pouponnot. This lab’s research focus is on different aspects of both medulloblastoma and melanoma, however, her project focuses purely on group 3 medulloblastoma – a molecular subtype with notably poor prognosis and high resistance to radiotherapy. In her studies, Eleanor aims to understand the mechanisms by which group 3 medulloblastoma escapes radiotherapy to form recurrent tumors.