General Information

Razan completed her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry at Tishreen University (Syria) from which she graduated as the second top graduate student. Then she completed her master’s degree as a scholarship holder in nanomedicine for drug delivery which is an EMJMD (Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degree) in four European universities in the University of Paris & Angers University (France), University of Pavia (Italy), and University of Patras (Greece).

Within the THERADNET network, Razan will investigate the different biological effects of photon versus proton radiation on molecular and cellular levels with the main focus on induced DNA damage and the following repair pathways activation. 

Besides her research, Razan is responsible for programming and content management of the THERADNET website. Furthermore, Razan is an advisory board member at Bright Inventors (a French non-profit organization) and the head of content management at Look in MENA (An online platform to support youth people in MENA region).