General Information

Èlia holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences at the Universitat de Barcelona, defending her bachelor thesis at Amsterdam UMC as part of the Erasmus+ exchange program. She completed her master’s degree in biomedical research at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. After working as a research technician during a short period of time, she decided to continue her career in science and started her PhD at Maastricht University.

Within the THERADNET network, her project focuses on the prevention of radiation-induced normal tissue toxicity in thoracic organs. The overall objective of the project is to understand the biology of radiosensitivity and how to exploit it for therapeutic gain. Her goal will be to investigate which thoracic organ subregions are most radiosensitive using dose painting approaches, as well as the protective effects of a novel phenolic compound called CAPE.

This will provide insight into differential radiosensitivity of thoracic organ subregions thereby enabling future biology-guided radiotherapy to build upon current clinical practice.