Following the successful first MSCA ITN (RADIATE, 2015-2019)  eight European institutions from the academic and non-academic sector have come together with industry to form the  international NETwork for training and innovations in THErapeutic RADiation (THERADNET)

The THERADNET network is a European Union-wide research project to advance our understanding of radiobiology, to open novel routes for effective therapeutic intervention, to improve the outcome of cancer treatment. By combatting a major death-related disease in Europe, this project will raise health and bring long-term benefit to the European and international community.

For this purpose, the THERADNET network comprises of top-level radiobiologists, clinicians and scientists who bring expertise in complementary areas in radiobiology and in translating research into the clinic. The students will benefit from outstanding expertise and collaborations within academia and industry integrating novel concepts into translational cancer and radiation research.