3rd THERADNET workshop (13-15 October 2021)

The 3rd THERADNET workshop was held from the 13th to 15th of October 2021 in Dresden Germany and was organized by team members at the National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology (OncoRay), which is a research center affiliated to the beneficiary site TU Dresden. The event was as a great opportunity to meet in person all the supervisors and the ESRs of the consortium.

During this workshop, the ESRs presented their progress reports and they were followed by extremely interesting and deep scientific discussions and suggestions. In fact, it was a great occasion to exchange ideas with the other members and discuss more about the secondments and building collaborations.
In addition, it was a great occasion for the members to attend two insightful lectures which were presented by Dresden-based experts in the respective field. The 1st lecture was given by Prof. Dr. med. Mechthild Krause, from the Group OncoRay, where she explained the “Preclinical and translational aspects of individualized HNSCC therapy”. The 2nd lecture entitled “Image-guided High Precision Radiotherapy of HNSCC” was presented by Prof. Dr. med. Esther Troost, from the faculty of medicine CARL GUSTAV CARUS. In this second lecture, the focus was more about the clinical applications.
Moreover, there was a “fun part” in the workshop. Indeed, many social events were held to have fun and strengthen the communication between the members like the escape room as well as a guided tour in the old city to discover the beautiful old Dresden and to know more about the history and the most famous buildings.
In addition, there was a “sweet competition”: the Belgian chocolate versus the Swiss chocolate to choose the best one. The competition was full of fun and everyone was delighted with the tasty different types of chocolate and voted for the best type. The game was so tough since all the chocolate was so good and at the end, the Swiss chocolate won. Congratulations to Switzerland!
The event as a great opportunity, not only to get to know in person all the members but also to enhance their scientific knowledge and build and extend the scientific network in order to make more progress and move forward in their projects.

To know more you can visit the full 3rd THERADNET Workshop Program